Baby Lock Desire 3 Combination


Baby Lock Desire 3 Combination

Baby Lock Desire 3 Combination


The compact all-rounder

The desire3 is a combined overlock and coverstitch machine. She comes, of course, with the unique jet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. Are you the practical type? If so, the baby lock desire3 will satisfy your every wish. Overlock, coverlock or chain stitch practically combined in one machine. This 5-thread machine can be easily threaded or converted for the desired operation. You can thread the loopers in any order thanks to separate threading paths. No need to follow any threading points and there are no loose threads that may get tangled up. Everything is in its place.

But the best thing is: threading the loopers! Insert the desired looper thread into the respective looper port, push the lever down and a gust of air shoots your thread up to the tip of the looper. This applies to all three looper threads. The desire3 will be ready to sew in no time at all without any bother. Good news for all anyone worrying about tension adjustments! Different threads, fabrics or stitches do not cause any adjustment problems. Thanks to our automatic thread delivery system. See for yourself. It really works! Enjoy perfectly balanced stitches that are no longer a matter of good luck. Have unwanted puckering or wavy seams in knitwear and fine fabrics often caused you trouble and strife? If so, the baby lock desire3's adjustable differential feed (0.6 – 2.0:1) is the solution.

The baby lock desire3 features a tubular unique, compact looper system that guarantees fuss-free, quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your babylock desire3 fit for more difficult tasks.

The desire3's auxiliary looper / converter can be easily activated for a two-thread stitch. Since it is firmly connected to the upper looper, it can't get lost or misplaced.

The ingenious jet-air threading system makes threading your desire3 child's play. From now on, you are the one who defines the threading order. You no longer need to follow any coloured threading points or start again from the beginning because of a threading error. Forget about loose threads that may cause tangles and confusion. Simply choose the desired looper thread, insert it into the threading port, push the button and the yarn will be threaded up to the tip of the desire3's looper as if by magic. In fact, all loopers will. The jet-air system of your babylock desire3 is simply ingenious

Thanks to the automatic thread delivery system of your babylock desire3. Simply choose a stitch, set the thread delivery system correspondingly and start sewing. No more tiresome tension adjustment every time you use another fabric, seam or thread thickness. Simply set the automatic thread delivery system to the desired stitch. Your baby lock desire3 will produce exact stitches. There are three sensors – stitch width sensor – stitch length sensor – fabric thickness sensor – that help you produce perfectly balanced stitches on your desire3 – with no ifs and buts!

Your baby lock desire3 lets you adjust the stitch width quickly and easily. You can deactivate the cutter quickly and easily with a switch if you want to sew closed or tube-like pieces of clothing. The same switch reactivates the cutter whenever you need it. The cutter does not is not fully retracted and you can use it as a guide.

Stretch fabrics often cause problems such as puckering or distorted seams that leave you in despair. Thanks to its differential feed, the desire3 guarantees an optimum feed of stretch fabrics and thus prevents puckering or protruding seams. You can also use the desire3's differential feed to produce fanciful gathering or stretching effects.

No more tiresome searching for the correct desire3 accessory. The handy accessory compartment under the thread spool holder contains all important tools. The accessories it can hold include:

  • Tweezers
  • Needles
  • Hand needle threader
  • Spare needle screws
  • Spare cutters
  • Screw driver for needle screws
  • Soft brush with guide to insert the needles

One and the same dial lets you modify the stitch length and change over the desire3 to the rolled hem option. Simply read the setting value on the dial's scale.

Since both the desire3's cutter and the chaining finger move together, it really is the stitch width that changes and not just the cutting width, as with other conventional machines. This prevents overcutting and undercutting.


5-thread safety stitch 12 mm

to join and edge-finish heavy-weight fabrics

5-thread safety stitch 16 mm

to join and edge-finish heavy-weight fabrics

4-thread overlock

strong stitch to edge-finish and join any material, especially stretchy fabrics

3-thread overlock

ideal finishing stitch for all types of fabric

3-thread overlock

thread-saving, edge-finishing stitch for all types of fabric

3-thread folded rolled hem

edge decoration, especially for light- to medium-weight fabrics

3-thread flatlock

to edge-finish and join medium-weight and stretchy fabrics, for edge decoration

2-thread flatlock

to join and hem stretchy materials, extremely elastic seams, ideal for sportswear and underwear

2-thread flatlock

to join and hem stretchy materials and create decorative seams

Triple cover stitch 6 mm

to hem very stretchy fabrics and create decorative effects

3-thread cover stitch 6 mm

to hem very stretchy fabrics and create decorative effects

3-thread cover stitch 3 mm

to sew hems, create pintucks and decorative effects

Double chain stitch

to join highly wear-resistant fabrics and create decorative effects

4-thread satin stitch

to edge-finish and join medium-weight and stretchy materials, edge decoration

Technical data

Number of needles5
Number of threads2/3/4/5
Stitches per minute1500
Stitch length0,75 - 4 mm
Overedge width3 - 9 mm
Differential feedx
Needle threader-
ATD – automatic thread deliveryx
RevolutionAir™ Threading-
ExtraordinAir™ Threading-
Jet-Air Threading™x
LED lampx
Knee lift-
Tension release when presser foot is raisedx
4-thread cover stitch 6mmx
3-thread cover stitch 6mmx
3-thread cover stitch 3mmx
Double chain stitchx
5-thread safety stitchx
4-thread overlockx
3-thread overlockx
3-thread flatlockx
3-thread rolled hemx
3-thread rolled seamx
2-thread overlockx
2-thread flatlockx
2-thread rolled hemx
2-thread rolled seamx
2-thread picot stitchx
Wave stitch-

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