Baby Lock Euphoria Coverstitch


Baby Lock Euphoria Coverstitch

Baby Lock Euphoria Coverstitch


The Euphoria coverstitch machine from baby lock is in a class of its own. Of course, the Euphoria also has the familiar baby lock features such as an automatic thread delivery system, air threading system for the looper and a needle threader. But now with its wide throat, you can now coverstitch to decorate even large pieces of fabric. The knee lift is an additional aid for more difficult projects. It leaves your hands free to guide the fabric reliably. Simply lift and lower the presser foot with your knee.

We offer an extraordinary machine for almost any type of fabric or thread. Thanks to the automatic thread delivery (ATD) system, even working with difficult fabrics poses no problems because the machine always provides the correct setting to achieve an optimum sewing result.

The thread quality doesn‘t matter. Whether a sturdy yarn or an ultrathin thread, the seams always look neat. A tidy, well arranged workplace is a big advantage when sewing. The easily accessible accessories compartment keeps everything you need close at hand and pins will never stray because they are held safely by the magnetic surface. The needle catch tray offers extra safety if you want to modify stitches and thus have to exchange the needles. If a needle falls down after loosening, you no longer have to look for it. Just pull out the needle catch tray and pick it up off the magnetic surface.


Triple cover stitch 6 mm

to hem very stretchy fabrics and create decorative effects

Double cover stitch 6 mm

to sew hems and create decorative effects

Double cover stitch 3 mm

to sew hems, create pintucks and decorative effects

Double chain stitch

to join highly wear-resistant fabrics and create decorative effects

Technical data

Number of needles1-3
Number of threads2-4
Stitches per minute1500
Stitch length1 - 4 mm
Overedge width3 - 9 mm
Differential feedx
Needle threaderx
ATD – automatic thread deliveryx
RevolutionAir™ Threading-
ExtraordinAir™ Threadingx
Jet-Air Threading™-
LED lampx
Knee liftx
Tension release when presser foot is raised-
4-thread cover stitch 6mmx
3-thread cover stitch 6mmx
3-thread cover stitch 3mmx
Double chain stitchx
5-thread safety stitch-
4-thread overlock-
3-thread overlock-
3-thread flatlock-
3-thread rolled hem-
3-thread rolled seam-
2-thread overlock-
2-thread flatlock-
2-thread rolled hem-
2-thread rolled seam-
2-thread picot stitch-
Wave stitch-

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