Cordless Glue Gun USB Rechargeable


Cordless Glue Gun USB Rechargeable

Cordless Glue Gun USB Rechargeable


USB Rechargeable Hot Melt Cordless Glue Gun .
Comes with Glue Sticks (4Pcs 150mm) and charging cable, Ideal for DIY Crafts & Repairs

USB rechargeable glue gun is a really fantastic addition to any tool kit – whether its for art and crafts or DIY there is a limitless number of possibilities. The glue will adhere to most surfaces but ensure that they are not heat sensitive. The glue softens in the body of the gun and is expelled using the trigger mechanism and the flow rate is controlled by the pressure applied. The handy LED indicators show the charge condition. Glue stocks are manually fed into the rear of the item. The inbuild stand allows for the gun to be supported when not in use- the tip can be cleaned if glue becomes dried inside. The gun is recharged using the cable supplied and a suitable plug head( not supplied ). Run time is about 30minutes and the design of the nozzle reduces drips, making sure the item is as clean as possible while in use.

CORDLESS – this glue gun is USB rechargeable so is cable-free when in use

RUN TIME – at least 30minutes of constant use from a single charge

INTERNAL BATTERY – comes with a DC 3.6V 1300mAh battery charged by USB.

GLUE STICKS – uses glue sticks size 7.2mm x 100mm

CHARGE TIME – charge time 3-4 hours for 30 minutes constant use

MINI USB SOCKET – Comes with 1m mini USB cable adaptor charging cable.

LED INDICATOR – 3 LED indicator modes-work mode on/off.

HEATING TIME – 5 – 7 minutes

ELEMENT – heating element 4.8W –

COMPACT – neat and ergonomic handgrip and lightweight 370g

CHARGER – Charger uses the mini USB port with a suitable charger ( not supplied ).

Package Includes:

  • Hot Melt Glue Gun _ 1

  • EVA Glue Stick _4 _Size: 7*140mm_

  • Built in Stand

  • USB Charging Cable _ 1

  • User Manual _ 1

Glue stick Specification

Material: Resin EVA

Grade: A

Softening Point: 73°C±5


– 13,000 @ 160°C

– 9,500 @ 180°C

Working Temperature: 120°C – 150°C

Cure time: 8 – 12s

Diameter: 7.0mm±0.2

Colour: Transparent White

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