Baby Lock Enspire Overlocker


Baby Lock Enspire Overlocker

Baby Lock Enspire Overlocker


The simple overlocker …Of course with the unique jet-air threading system. The baby lock enspire may be small but it is strong and easy to operate. Its predecessor, the baby lock eclipse, was the world's first overlock machine to have the jet air threading system. In 1996, this overlocker won the Japanese innovation award for its outstanding, revolutionary technology.

Since then, no other machine has been honoured with this award. This pioneering spirit is also evident in the enspire, offering a variety of new features. It goes without saying that this overlocker comes with the unique baby lock jet-air threading system for super-easy threading. No need to follow any threading points and there are no loose threads that could get tangled up. Insert the desired looper thread into the respective looper port, push the lever down and a gust of air shoots your thread up to the tip of the looper. This applies to all looper threads. And it goes without saying that you can define the threading order yourself.
The handy needle threader does a good job when it comes to threading the needles. Your new baby lock offers a whole range of other fantastic adjustment possibilities. You can change the actual stitch width and not just the cutting width, for example, because the chaining finger and the cutter move together in the same direction. This avoids overcutting and undercutting and you don't have to continually readjust the thread tension.
Did unwanted puckering or wavy seams in knitwear and fine fabrics used to cause you trouble and strife? If so, the baby lock enspire's adjustable differential feed (0.6 – 2.0:1) is the solution.


4-thread overlock

strong stitch to edge-finish and join any material, especially stretchy fabrics

3-thread overlock wide

ideal finishing stitch for all types of fabric

3-thread overlock narrow

thread-saving, edge-finishing stitch for all types of fabric

3-thread folded rolled hem

edge decoration, especially for light- to medium-weight fabrics

2-thread flatlock wide

to join and hem stretchy materials, extremely elastic seams, ideal for sportswear and underwear

2-thread flatlock narrow

to join and hem stretchy materials and create decorative seams

Technical data

Number of needles2
Number of threads2/3/4
Stitches per minute1500
Stitch length0,75 - 4 mm
Overedge width3 - 9 mm
Differential feedx
Needle threaderautom.
ATD – automatic thread delivery-
RevolutionAir™ Threading-
ExtraordinAir™ Threading-
Jet-Air Threading™x
LED lampx
Knee lift-
Tension release when presser foot is raisedx
4-thread cover stitch 6mm-
3-thread cover stitch 6mm-
3-thread cover stitch 3mm-
Double chain stitch-
5-thread safety stitch-
4-thread overlockx
3-thread overlockx
3-thread flatlockx
3-thread rolled hemx
3-thread rolled seamx
2-thread overlockx
2-thread flatlockx
2-thread rolled hemx
2-thread rolled seamx
2-thread picot stitchx
Wave stitch-

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